Regional Development Agency Backa (RDA Backa) organises the following trainings for the existing and potential small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), cooperatives, local self-governments and founders of RDA Backa:

1. How to start your own business - start up package (two days training);
2. Preparing a business plan and dealing with the banks (two days training);
3. Financial management (two days training);
4. Export - for those exporting for the first time (two days training);
5. Marketing and sales (two days training)
6. Review of the quality standards and environmental protection (two days training);
7. Electronic Business or e-business (one day training)
8. Innovations (one day training)
9. Preparation for the Single European Market (one day training);
10. Information Technologies and Business (one day training).
11. Investment readiness (two days training)