Regional Development Agency Backa (RDA Backa) provides information to the existing and potential micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), cooperatives and clusters related to:

1. Setting up a business – start up
2. National and international programmes for support to entrepreneurship
3. Available sources of funding (national and international)
4. Legal regulations and responsibilities, taxes and fees
5. Support which can be obtained through the "Enterprise Europe Network" (EEN) - conditions for export to foreign markets, technical rules and technical standards, transfer of technologies and knowledge, etc;
6. SME networking - establishing and operation of clusters, associations and cooperatives
7. Innovations, intellectual property protection
8. Quality standards
9. Possibilities for creating business partnerships
10. Information related to the specialised services - referral to specialised service providers;
11. Information regarding business and innovative incubators
12. Other information relevant for the operations of the SME sector, cooperatives and clusters