Modernization of the municipal administration in Backi Petrovac for the efficient use of the IPA pre-accession funds of the European Union


6 months (2013)


The Government of the AP Vojvodina, the Provincial Secretariat for Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government.

Total project value:

902.000,00 RSD

The overall objective of the project is the development of a modern, efficient and transparent local government while using appropriate information and communication technologies needed to achieve sustainable development of all segments of the local community. The expected result of the project are: defining the role and location of the LED Office in municipal administration, adapted office space for the LED, office equipment procured - furniture, computer and other technical equipment networked with all the relevant sectors of the municipal administration, the level of knowledge evaluated, trainings identified and developed, up to 3 employees from the local government educated, who will in the future constitute the municipal project team gathered around the new Office for local Economic Development of the Municipality of Backi Petrovac - Increased capacities for functional preparation and implementation of development strategies and projects, monitoring and evaluation system defined.
The lead partner in the project is the Municipality of Backi Petrovac, and a partner in the implementation of project activities is the Regional Development Agency Backa.