Info day – the affirmation of self-employment in municipality Sremski Karlovci


September - November 2010


Provincial Secretariat for Labor, Employment and Gender Equality in the Government of AP Vojvodina

The specific objectives of the project “Information Day - the affirmation of self-employment in municipality Sremski Karlovci” are to raise awareness of entrepreneurial thinking and affirmation of start-up. The project includes a one-day info-seminar, where, to the participants - potential entrepreneurs from municipality Sremski Karlovci, would be presented opportunities for start-ups by informing on national and provincial programs that support self-employment and non-financial services available to entrepreneurs in the first years of their business, as well as informing participants which have a creative idea about the possibilities of its realization through the civil society organization.

The project is based on the assumption that people with low income and recipients of social assistance, women and other vulnerable persons, do not choose self-employment because of insufficient or inadequate information and / or inability to access capital to start a business.